Coffee Cart Hire Sydney

Create a Memorable Event with a Coffee Cart Hire in Sydney

Cart Hire is a leader in coffee cart hires in Sydney and across Australia. Our team works with you to plan a memorable experience for your guests, whether you are hosting an intimate gathering or large corporate event.

Can You Customise Your Order for Mobile Coffee Cart Hire in Sydney?

Absolutely! At Cart Hire we want you and your guests to have an enjoyable coffee experience. We offer a variety of packages and options to customise your coffee cart for your Sydney event. 

  • Coffee is essential at any event where you want people to relax, chat, and enjoy a break between meetings or discussions. You can keep things simple with our standard coffee blends, or you can add variety with speciality coffee and premium blends. Our team collaborates with you to explain our set packages or create a custom package for your occasion.
  • Hosting a corporate event and interested in having your brand front and centre? We can wrap our carts to display your logo or company colours. We can arrange custom coffee cups, so your clients and guests experience your company logo with every sip. If you choose to have baristas at your event, we are more than happy to have them wear your company shirt.
  • Sometimes you want more than coffee! For non-coffee drinkers, we always stock our carts with tea and hot chocolate. Enhance the beverage experience by adding sweet or savoury snacks and treats to your cart. Contact us to discuss catering options

Our coffee cart hire allows you to customise your guests’ experience, with a variety of coffees, non-coffee alternatives, and catering.


The Importance of a Mobile Coffee Cart in Sydney

It may not seem like a mobile coffee cart would be essential for your next event, but it is, and here’s why: 

  • You can focus on your guests or clients. Leading up to your event, our team helps you to design the perfect package. We ensure the cart is fully stocked, based on your expected guests, and handle both setup and takedown. This convenience allows you to focus on other important aspects of your event, such as preparing for the meeting or setting up the room. Adding a barista to your cart is optional, but highly recommended. A barista will entertain your guests and help them with their coffee selection. The barista also keeps an eye on the cart, so you can focus on visiting with your guests. Our carts are perfect for offering coffee to your guests or clients without having to serve them yourself.
  • It keeps your clients happy and engaged. Providing your clients with a mid-morning or afternoon pick me up can keep them awake and interacting during meetings and discussions. It can be even better if there are sweet or savoury treats to accompany their beverage. With our catering, there is no minimum volume required – we can serve either small or large gatherings.
  • Avoid investing in your own coffee station. Purchasing, maintaining, and storing your coffee machine and grinder, and the associated supplies can take a lot of money, time, and space. Avoid storing a machine, leftover cups, and other beverage paraphernalia by utilising our mobile coffee cart for all your events.

Why Customer Should Use Cart Hire

With over twenty years’ experience and clients across Australia, Cart Hire is a leader in coffee catering. You cannot beat our best price guarantee and high-quality coffee.

Contact us to arrange a coffee cart for your next occasion.