Coffee Cart Hire

Indulge Your Clients and Employees with Mobile Coffee Cart Hire

If you’re planning a corporate event, don’t forget the coffee cart hire. Catered coffee is an excellent addition to any event, from conferences and tradeshows to gala dinners, exhibitions, and product launches. At Cart Hire, we can provide everything you need to treat your guests to the delicious coffee they want. Our services include coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, professional baristas to serve, and all the equipment needed to serve coffee drinks at your event. We’ll even handle all the setting up and cleaning up ourselves.

How to Customise Your Order for Coffee Cart Service

If you would like mobile coffee in Sydney for your next event, setting it up is easy. You can get the exact services you want, tailored to your specific needs, at Cart Hire. Here’s how to customise your service.

  • Contact us with the details of your event. Once we know your location, purpose, and headcount, we can provide you with suggestions for how much coffee you’ll need and appropriate accompaniments, as well as a quote to suit your event. 
  • Book your package. When you decide on a package, you’ll be able to lock in your date to ensure that your guests will have access to fresh, hot coffee throughout your event. We’ll follow up closer to the date to make sure that the package you’ve chosen will still work for you (for example, if your numbers have gone up or down). 
  • Relax and enjoy your event. We’ll show up bright and early to set up before your event begins. If you have chosen a branded coffee cart or supplied barista uniforms bearing your logo, we will showcase it as your company’s cart. 

Benefits of a Branded Coffee Cart

When you choose Cart Hire to provide your mobile coffee in Sydney, you might want to have your coffee cart branded so that everyone knows it’s your company that is providing their coffee. Here are a few other reasons to choose the branded coffee cart.

  • To stand out from the crowd. If you will be providing coffee at a crowded corporate event or tradeshow, a branded cart is a simple way to get your logo front and centre. 
  • To attract your ideal clients and employees. When people associate something pleasant – such as coffee – with your brand, they’ll automatically make positive associations when they think of your company and be more likely to want to engage. 
  • To keep your marketing consistent. Any marketing campaign works best when your logo, colours, typography, philosophy, and voice are kept consistent across all platforms. Choose a branded coffee cart to follow through with your marketing down to the last detail. 

Tips for Planning for a Mobile Coffee Cart

When you choose Cart Hire for your next event, we’ll handle everything from setup to clean-up. However, you can ensure the best possible experience by taking a few steps as you make your plans. 

  • Have an estimated headcount. Keep track of how many guests you’re expecting so that we can make sure there’s plenty of coffee to go around. Remember that it’s better to overestimate than underestimate. 
  • Set your budget. Knowing how much you have to spend can help make it easier to choose and customise services such as coffee cart service. 
  • Remember dietary restrictions. Be sure to include options for guests with special dietary restrictions or preferences, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free. 

Tips for Choosing a Mobile Coffee Cart Service

When you want mobile coffee service for an important event, you want to be sure that things will run as smoothly as possible. Whichever coffee cart hire service you choose, they should offer:

  • Plenty of inclusions. At Cart Hire, we include a stainless steel coffee cart; a wide selection of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more; all syrups and condiments; wastebaskets and water; paper coffee cups and lids; and setup and pack-down. 
  • The optional extras you want. Other features we can provide for you include a professional barista to run your cart, branded barista uniforms, speciality coffees, branded vinyl wraps for your cart, catering services, and more. 
  • A reputable and reliable service. We’ll be on time and deliver everything we promise. We are a professional service with 20 years’ experience providing coffee service for small and large events of all types. 

Why Mobile Barista Cart Hire Is Cost-Effective

When you use mobile coffee for events, you’ll be providing hot, delicious coffee, tea, and hot chocolate for all your guests – without having to do any of the work yourself. You’ll save considerable time compared to trying to set up a coffee cart yourself, and as you know, your time is precious. You’ll also achieve some additional marketing and make a great impression on your guests, clients, employees, and anyone else who sees your branded cart. At Cart Hire, we provide our services Australia-wide, offering top-level service and high-quality coffee and other hot drinks. Contact us today to discuss your options for your upcoming event.